The Wool Testing Bureau SA (WTBSA) is situated in Port Elizabeth and is the only IWTO Licensed Test House in Africa.

WTB Is a Company Limited by guarantee and, having no shareholders, is neutrally positioned and committed to serve the entire wool industry in South Africa. WTB was incorporated on 26th June 1990 and provides sampling and testing services to the South African Wool and Textile Industries. The company is involved in testing and research for purposes of the certification of wool according to the requirements laid down by the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO).

Our Services

  • Raw Wool Testing
    • Yield Testing
    • Micron Testing
    • Staple Length & Strength Testing
    • Wool Colour
  • Fleece Testing
  • Mohair Testing
  • Textile Testing

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Our Accreditations

  • South African National Accreditation System
  • Independent Laboratories Round Trails Group
  • International Wool Textile Organisation
  • Interwoollabs

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