Wool Testing Bureau Services

Objective Measurement is the determination, by means of scientific methods, of clean wool content, vegetable matter and mean fibre diameter of greasy wool.

There are numerous wool producers throughout the country farming with Merino and other wool producing sheep. The clip is tested by Objective Measurements which is an integral part of the preparation, marketing and processing of wool.

The first stage of testing is that the bales in the wool stores are grab sampled to obtain a display sample which is also used for length and strength tufts, thereafter the bales are accurately weighed to determine the mass of greasy wool. A core sample is also taken from each bale in a lot, before being sealed in a plastic bag with the sample identification.

All samples are taken in accordance with the IWTO Core Test Regulations. On receipt of the samples at WTB the information is electronically captured. A lab sheet, which identifies the tests to be done on the sample, is produced. The sample is first blended to ensure that the core samples taken from each bale in the lot are homogeneously mixed to produce a representation sub sample.

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