Wool Testing Bureau Profile

The Company is a non-profit organization. The income and the property of the company are applied solely towards the promotion of its main object of researching and testing of wool on behalf of the wool industry.

The Board of Directors comprises of 7 members who are also the Directors

Directors are appointed from the following sectors of the wool industry:

  • Wool Processors / Top makers - one Director
  • Wool Buyers-one Directors
  • Wool Brokers-one Director
  • Wool Growers-two Director

Further Independent Directors can be appointed.

WTB has a record of quality and integrity and is highly regarded internationally. WTB is committed to excellence at all times. Accuracy is more than knowing the method, it must be applied correctly. The company is committed to safety in the workplace.

WTB together with NZWTA Ltd and AWTA Ltd play a major role in the wool industry, working together in the application of testing methods sponsoring and participating in round trials developing and implementing international standards, and technology.

Product Testing Services

Product Testing Services is a division of the Wool Testing Bureau S.A. (WTB), originally specializing in the testing of wool products as part of the testing scope for Wool Testing Services.

Testing requirements for industry have evolved and the demand for testing a wider range of products has provided unique expansion opportunities.

These include a wider spectrum of Product Testing Services, amongst others:

  • Automotive products (textiles, plastics, leather, vinyl’s)
  • Paper
  • Geotextiles
  • Elastomers
  • Microdot Testing
  • Consumer Product Testing (household detergents, cleaning products)

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