Staple Length & Strength Testing

Staple Measurements (staple length and staple strength) has been a part of the international wool selling system for combined length wool since the mid 1980's. Along with mean fibre diameter, staple strength is the most important characteristic in determining the value in combing wools.

Staple measurements is the major raw wool characteristic influencing the mean fibre length in the top and efficiency of processing in combing wool.

Tufts are removed from the grab sample and placed on reels for transport to WTB. Sixty tufts are taken per grab sample. At the laboratory, a single random staple is taken from each tuft and placed in a tray where it is allowed to relax and reach a uniform moisture content before being tested.

The sixty staples are placed on a moving belts in the ATLAS machine.

Staple length is determined by moving the staples past a bank of photoelectric cells. Staple strength is determined by measuring the force ( Newtons) required to break each staple and adjusting this measurement for the thickness of the staple (kilotext).

The final staple strength is adjusted using the Mean Fibre Diameter and Wool Base test results.

These values form the base of Hauteur calculations.

Staple Length and Strength Testing

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