Textile Testing

The Textile Division of WTBSA offers a comprehensive range of tests for the Textile Market.


  • Testing Services is a division of the Wool Testing Bureau, which originated from the South African Wool Board (1967)
  • Operating in its current form since 1990
    • Primary function was to provide the specialized textile testing services to local manufacturers and suppliers
    • Decline in local textile manufacturing over the past decade necessitated a focus on complimentary testing alternatives
    • Similarities between textile and product testing equipment and procedures presented expansion opportunities
  • Accredited to ISO 17025 for a range of textiles, fibre and polymer tests  (SANAS Lab T0020)

Testing Services

  • Wide range of testing capabilities applicable to automotive testing
    • Mechanical Testing
    • Abrasion Testing
    • Light Exposure and Weathering
    • Climatic and Thermal Ageing
    • Colour Testing
    • Flammability Testing
  • Applied experience with a wide range of Test Methods

Mechanical Services

  • Instron 5969 with AutoX 750 extensometer
    • Capacity: 50kN
    • Tensile Testing (ISO 527)
    • Flexural Testing (ISO 178)
    • Compression Testing
    • Cyclic Testing
  • Abrasion Testing (Martindale)
  • Abrasion Testing (Taber)

Climatic and Thermal Testing

  • Climatic Chambers (CTS, LabTech)
    • Programmable T and RH cycles
    • Up to 1500L testing volume capacity
  • Thermal ageing
  • Fogging Testing (ThermoScientific)
    • Horizon Fogging system
    • Automotive interior out-gassing

Light Exposure and Weathering

  • Xenotest Alpha +
    • Extensive range of filter systems
    • Versatile functionality: Irradiance,T, BST, RH, Spray
    • Wide range of applications
      • Textiles
      • Plastics
      • Interior Automotive Materials
      • Paints and Coatings

Colour Testing

  • Hunterlab Ultrascan Pro
    • Colour Matching
    • Colour Assessment
    • Colour Changes after ageing
    • Haze Measurements
  • BYK micro-TRI-gloss
    • Gloss measurements
    • 20°, 60°,  85°
    • Different materials, paint, plastics

Flammability Testing

  • Ease of ignition vertical specimens (ISO 6940)
  • Flame spread properties of vertical specimens (ISO 6941)
  • Protection against heat and flame - method of test for limited flame spread (ISO 15025)
  • Burning behaviour of interior materials (ISO 3795)

Customised Testing

  • In-house engineering facilities
    • Specialised testing according to test method
    • Manufacture of custom jigs and equipment to perform tests
  • Key focus areas:
    • Assist clients with testing requirements
    • Providing efficient and accurate testing services
    • Regular communication during testing program
    • Adapting services to client requirements

Contact Details

  • Textile Testing Services
  • Tel: 041 503 6600
  • Cnr Gomery Avenue and University Way
    Port Elizabeth

Marisa van Wyk

Surene Botha

Textile Testing

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